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Starter problem, faulty wires or other....?

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89 Nissan Sentra
4 speed

I have problem starting the car. It's intermit, took the starter to the shop to's fine. Could this be a faulty wire? It's weird because sometimes, if it wont start..I turned the Headlights on and leave it on then the car will start. Unexplained.

Any ideas?

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Is it a manual? Does it have a clutch switch? A switch used to tell the computer that the clutch pressed down. You might check this switch and see if it helps. You can just hook the two wires together to always close the connection, to allow the computer to always see the clutch pedla pushed in.

Also could be a some loose wiring somewhere.
The headlight trick is an old trick. What this does is briefly raise the amps in the battery and allows you to "wake up" your battery. Anyway, I first take a look at your battery. Check it with a battery tester, make sure it has water, etc. Beyond that, check the resistance in the cables. I'm guessing your + cable is bad and has extrememly high resistance. It's cool when you find one, because it all looks good from the outside, but when you cut it open it will be green from end to end.

I used to have a Mini that did this. It turned out it was a loose wire on the coil.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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