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I'm down in Iraq and my wife is in Germany. Our 2001 rodeo has suddenly died and it's not the battery. There really isn't much the germans know about the vehicles and the military car place isn't much help. We don't know how to tell which part is wrong or what is wrong with it at all. I've called Isuzu and have received absolutely no help. It seems that once we took the car to Germany, it's all in our hands now...any suggestions? Please I would appreciate all the help. My wife and I have 2 little kids and it's hard without a vehicle and me down here
SPC McDonald
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Symptoms? :?
Symptoms would help as mentioned. If it simply won't start and you know the battery is good (like it'll start another car, not just show voltage) then it's definitely something in the starting circuit. More often than not the culprit is the starter solenoid. Basically you end up removing the starter and taking to get rebuilt and then you replace it. Takes a couple hours to R/R with basic tools for the novice. It can also be something as simple as the starter actuation lead. I had a Trooper once where the wire was loose and starting was intermittent. Took 15 minutes to fix up better than original.
Well he didn't say that the engine doesn't crank when you turn the key.

Does the engine crank and not start?

Does the engine start then die?

Is there no sound at all when you turn the key?
My wife says there is no sound whatsoever. Doesn't turn or anything.
Sounds like starting circuit if the battery is known to be good. See my above post. Make sure the battery she is using will start another vehicle, like if she can get a friend to swap with her for a test.
Thanks. She had bought a new battery so I know it's not that. It does sound like a starter problem but being in germany it's hard to find the help or parts..
Thanks for everyone's help
If your wife can find someone to remove the starter (or if she's handy herself) you should be able to locate a local starter repair place. In the states I've had my Trooper starters rebuilt for about $30-$40 on average. As mentioned previously, more than likely it's the solenoid or the connection to it. Good luck!
Germany should be heavy on some Holden dealerships. Have her tell the dealership she has a Holden Fronterra and see what they say. They might be shrugging off the truck because they are not familiar with it. I'm pretty sure they use most of the same tooling on the fronterra as with the rodeo. Just don't call it a rodeo over there. Holden of austrailia has a rodeo and it's a pickup truck with a GM motor or an isuzu diesel.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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