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speed limitation

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Hi all!

I love my Isuzu Rodeo '96 V6, 3.2L but something makes me wonder. I am driving the car in Germany and there is no speed limit here on the highway. The engine is very powerfull and when raseing the speed from 70 to 90 mph the raise is very fast. Then seams to be a limitation because the speed increases very slow after 90 and never gets higher than 100 mph. The boost of the enegine (from 70 to 90) makes it obvious that the car "can" do more. Is anyone aware if is there any electronic limitation for the speed?

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Yes, there is a speed limiter. I believe it is around 98-101. I don't really think that I would want to be doing 90+ in a Rodeo. But to each their own.

Could be a couple of ways to get around it. I know there are on Neons, but then again I know alot more about them. Just getting in to Isuzu's.
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