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A couple of years ago we got together a Birmingham ride, except that the Amigo conked out on me the day I was leaving. :evil: If there's interest, and some locals here, maybe we could try that again? Or in the Atlanta area? Rodeo Greg had a few in that area a while back, is he still around?
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Bill: I'm in for a BHM run.

BTW< i just Pm'd you about a re-fi.
Like Mark, I'm definitely up for a ride to Birmingham Gray Rock ORV. Also, I've heard the ORV park in Hot Springs is pretty good. The sooner the better.

I had to cancel at the last minute my first trip to Tellico this weekend. Kind of bummed but didn't have a choice. Let's plan something in the next 30 days if you can.
Hello Just saying HI
I'll hall Joe over most anyweekend we can all hook up. 8)
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