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SOTF situation

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So, when I bought my 1996 Acura SLX(Trooper) about a year ago, the 4wd indicator was always on. I kept investigating a bunch of things, then I ended up accidentally breaking the wires that go to the Ball detent switch in the front axle,and the light stopped illuminating. So I figured out the SOTF mechanism is always in the engaged position. Even when the motor is off, the fork is fully extended to the drivers side. This was causing the 4wd light to stay illuminated. I have read a lot of the posts about the SOTF system and I don't think it is supposed to work like this? I have manual hubs, so there is no excessive wear occurring, I just wondered if anyone has experienced this, maybe it was rigged so the 4wd would work?

I salvaged a sensor from the pull a part and was going to install it, but didn't want the light on again. I'm pondering on some way to wire it differently, using the hot from the transfer case ball detent switch, after the hot passes through the closed circuit? Hope that makes sense.
My 4 wheel drive works, I take it to a parking lot and engage the hubs and transfer case, then turn the wheel as far to the right as I can, and it really binds up. I'm just afraid if I ever need 4wd, that will be the day the fork decides to disengage.
Thanks, hope this makes sense.
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Since you have manual hubs already, I would lock the axle shift fork into the engaged position all the time and leave it unplugged. I did this by prying the fork over in a vice and sticking a little block of aluminum between the fork and housing so that the two CV axles are always connected (in 4wd mode)
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