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Something Witty Here, new build.

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Am I doing this right? I’m new to the internet, I hear it’s a fad and will pass. Anyway, while I hear they have the internet on computers now, I’ll post some pics of my new to me money hole.

I’ll update as I fix her up.
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Ah yes the dinner plate wheels. Where are you at and how much?
Cheyenne/Denver. $500? I have no idea what they are worth.
Sad, I'nm in the southeast. Since they are objectively the least attractive second gen wheels I doubt they are worth much, but they should sell due to the new tires.
what do I have here? I don’t see G80 but it has limited slip.

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All Troopers with the G80 tag came with a rear LSD, but for whatever reason some Troopers with the rear LSD didn't get the G80 marking. It also could have easily been swapped in by a past owner. I'm assuming you jacked up the rear to verify both wheel spin the same way when they aren't on the ground. Here is a link so you can see what the rest of the option codes you have mean: 1100 Isuzu Option Codes
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I haven’t physically jacked it up and checked, but we’ve had some really snowy and slick days and I can definitely feel it breaks both loose and does not do peg leg burnouts.

I did look up the rest of the options, that’s really cool that that guy put all those together. I’m kind of upset at myself for not being with a trooper sooner. I wasted so much time and money Onto previous jeeps. This trooper is going to cover all those bases and be 1/3 the budget.
Makes sense. I'd just jack it up by the bottom of the diff real quick, and spin a wheel to check for sure. If needed you can take the rear 3rd member out of any other 92-97 Trooper with the G80 code if you want the LSD and don't have it.

They are really neat vehicles but do require lots of patience and TLC. You got a 5-speed so you should be able to run 500,000 miles up on the odometer easy. These things are beasts and if treated well, they will treat you well. Only issue is there is not a ton of aftermarket support (it is slowly beginning to change thought) for them so you have to be able to fabricate some stuff if you want it bad enough. With that being said, you can get front lockers and beefed up suspension components with little trouble.
Got the new wheels installed, front hubcaps don’t fit over the auto locker hubs. But they look good. Now for tires. Also, poly rope winch showed up.
Post some updated pictures!
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