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Solid axle and 4wd conversion

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I have a 2wd amigo, wanted a 4wd but the fates never really helped me out. In the future once it isn't a daily driver I want to play with it. Now, Everyone always says don't do a 4wd conversion because it isn't worth the money. I was wondering if you do a 4wd conversion while during a solid axle insertion, what is the extra expense besides a transfer case and a new rear drive shaft? When doing a solid axle you would need all new drive components from the transfer case forward so what am I missing here? Is there a bunch of computer stuff that has to be done?
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You pretty much have it right. The only thing that is harder for you is the transfer case. You should probably consider running a divorced transfer case - that is one that isn't attached to the transmission. I seem to recall that Nissan has a divorced case that could be used, or better yet get one of the Toyota cases and the kit to make it a divorced case. Then cut a hole in the floor for the shifter, and the rest is just like any other SAS.

I have an automatic in now, isn't the stock transfer case divorced?
We have a very good and reasonable import salvage yard here in Mobile Alabama.He has several 4wd amigo'sand their brothers.I bet he would set you up at a price you could afford.Check the value difference of the 2 amigo's and go from there.I have not done the conversion but i bet it wouldn't be as bad as you might think.The fact you would have the other truck to take apart would help a bunch.I just bought a full interior from a 2001 from him for $100.He has great prices but he loves to haggle so don't take the first price as final.Good luck .
i went to kelly blue book private party seller and the difference for 2 vs 4wd was about a grand.I think i could to the conversion for about twice that on my own truck.(my is already 4wd .it is a '99 with v6 and a 5 speed.)If you can turn a wrench as good as most you could probably do the switch in a weeks time.A good way to spend a vacation.
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