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My pregnant wife has been trying to talk me into letting her take over my 98 SLX as it will be easier to get the baby in and out of the truck rather than her current Camry (plus extra cargo room, etc.). I drive a company vehicle day to day, so the SLX has been pretty much a toy (10,000 miles in 3.5 years). I'm hesitant to give up my baby, but I figure I might as well give it up with a smile on my face now rather than with a dagger in my back later :)

Before she started this up, I had been planning to add OME springs, Rancho 9000X's, and Bridgestone Revo 285/75's, and do a Torsion bar crank and ball joint flip this Spring, since it still has the old garbage Tokico's and some relatively worn 245 Dunlop Rovers that were on when I bought it. Most all of these except perhaps the Revo's (in the stock or 265 size only) would pretty much be a waste on my wife since A) doesn't care about off roading and B) would prefer a more comfortable ride.

Since safety would absolutely be #1 priority, with comfort coming at #2, what would the group recommend for shocks and tires? I'm still leaning towards the Revo's due to everyone's (and TireRack's) great recommendation, but I'm at a loss on the shocks. Basically, if she's going to get the most enjoyment out of a set of KYB MonoMax or Monroe SensaTrac's, I'd rather buy those than spend the money on the 9000's.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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If I was about to hand my Trooper over to my wife, I'd get a set of OME shocks, the lowest OME springs (912s I think) and some nice AT tires. The Revo's are nice, as are the Geolanders. ... FT+Plus+II

I'd also buy a new set of Isuzu OEM brake pads if the pads aren't in great shape and flush/bleed the brakes.

The OME shocks really help with brake dive and the springs will lift the rear end off of the bump stops (which it will ride on a lot of the time with stock springs - it is designed that way). It will only be about a 1" lift and you'll probably not notice the difference.


(My wife loves to drive the Trooper, even with all of the stuff that I have bolted to it on it)
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