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Thanks to folks on this forum for feedback on my suspension problems. Now, I've got a couple of other questions:

My 90 2.8L Trooper is still running like a champ (new GM engine @ 120k definitely helped.) At 175k miles, the chassis is certainly starting to feel loose. What can I do to tighten things up?

- Traction Bars? When starting from stop, there's quite a bit of "windup" in my leaf springs. So much that I wonder if my driveshaft/axle are being dealt a good amount of punishment. Does anyone make traction bars for the troop? Anyone tried these things?

Or should I just replace my leaf springs?

- Loose steering. We all know that that which makes the power steering of the Troop rule off road, makes it drive like a wet sponge on the highway. I've read that there's an adjustment to some Troops to compensate for play in the steering as they get older. Would I get anything by doing this or would I need to replace some major hardware?


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If your steering box is the source of the loosness, adjusting it will make a huge difference.

Take a look at this:

I'm surprised if you get a lot of axle wrap with the stock springs, and you aren't loaded down. I'd suggest an add-a-leaf if your springs are that tired. It will bring the rear end back up and help with any axle wrap. Please install new center pins when you do that however. Even if the old ones fit, it's worth $16 to know that a worn out pin won't break.

Some rear shocks won't hurt things.

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