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Shock Options

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I found this link that shows options for shocks onto a variety of Isuzu's. It's not exactly complete. For instance, I used the guide for the Passport since they didn't list a Rodeo.

I will personally say that I installed N8052 and N8055 shocks onto my 1994 Rodeo. They cost me just over $200 for all 4. To note, my rig is lifted 3". I did have issues with the front shocks due to the upgraded f150 tie rods. The problem was that the thicker tubes of the shocks hit the corner of the adjustment nut on the tie rods. My only option was to grind down part of the nut. If you have the same upgrade as me, I recommend getting the M9552 shocks due to their smaller profile. Additionally, I did have to cut down the lower bushings and metal sleeve for the front shocks. This will have to be done regardless of the tie rod upgrade. This alteration was very straightforward with a knife and an angle grinder or even a hack saw.

Here's a photo of my front driver side with the new shock. I hope you found this helpful.
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