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Shifter Assembly Pics

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These are in reference to a post on the PI list about trannie oil leaks, hope they help.

Looking at the housing from this angle, the teflon plug is to the left of the reverse-light switch. The huge hole to the left is my half-baked attempt at fixing the pressure problem didn't work so dont' try this at home ;)

This pic shows the new 'dust boot' installed. The stamped steel flange that holds the shifter to the housing is directly below the boot.

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And now the article has been posted:

Site not coming up :?:

ERRATA ADDENDUM TO ARTICLE on installing trannie breather.

In the original article, I specified that the small spring and bearing be removed and set aside.

I failed to state (at least I think I did :roll: ) that once all drilling and tapping is done, that the spring and bearing previously set aside should be reinstalled before installing the new pipe threaded nipple.

I'm not for sure what this spring and bearing do, but the theory was that it helped keep the shifter in place when in reverse.

IF, debris getting into the shifter housing tunnel(s) cannot be avoided; then the shifter can be easily removed which will allow the pistons (for lack of a better term) and springs to be removed to allow cleaning. DO NOT FORGET which spring/piston came out of which tunnel as they are different.

Oddly enough, THERE IS NO MENTION of this shifter housing or its parts and disassembly/reassembly mentioned ANYWHERE in the Helm service manual.

Thanks for posting this as an article Tad, I almost feel giddy at being 'published' :lol:

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