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Read a bunch of threads about replacing this seal but still have a few questions. I went ahead and bought 2 seals from rockauto #8792S

as well as the proper removal tool. ... B000FN4A5I

worried about removing the range sensor. Can i just unbolt this thing and slap it back on or do I need to somehow align it before hand? I think the shaft may rotate on me trying to get the retainer bolt off. I want to make absolutely sure the gear selector level and the gear shaft go back in the same position. Also the seal looks to have metal ring around it. How much pressure is needed to snap the new one in place? I figure to use the install tool and tap in place until the seal is even with the casing. Probably simple questions, but I like to visualize the job before hand. It will probably be on of those things where it all makes sense once I get under there but want to double check.

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