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Other day, it rained, I went and played in the mud. 1998 Isuzu Trooper SOTF

Locked the Hubs, engaged 4W Button - Went in fine.

Leaving mud hole, I left the hubs locked, disengaged button, took a few tries to come out. Finally, it came out, and the Transfer Case Lever popped out of 4H, to what I can best describe as Neutral (even though it is not labeled)
It took a few tries of this happening. Stop Car, put in neutral, put shifter back up and try to disengage 4W Button.
Eventually I got it to come out of 4WD and the shifter to stay. Once out, it stays just fine. And then I disengaged Hubs

SO, what would cause this?
Engaging the hubs and not driving at all before hitting the 4WD button? Causing some sort of bind or mialignemt in the axle-transfer case?
Transfer case is not allowing it to go all the way into 4H position? Which in effect is the same as 2H position.
It was really weird.

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