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I have 2 sony xpol 1000 watt 2 channel amps(the newer silver ones) and 2 1200 watt sony xplod hexagon 12" subs the subs are enclosed on custom fit boxes(I converted the necessary size given which was in liters and put it into scuare inches which gave me the perfect size for the type of sub) the boxes have a big face plate that slides into the back of you trooper. it sits so all you see is the sub faces and it points directly to the back top corner. so it is at an angle, but still leaves room for your golf clubs. the amps are mounted under the subs. the only way any one can steal this setup is to take a saw to it. the retail for these subs are 120 each and 200 for the amps. They are all brand new(maybe a month or two) and work perfect! All you need to buy is a power cable I will send the rest of the needed wires. This system sounds amazing, anyone who ever dissed on xpold needds to step into my truck. it makes my eyes water and my nose itch super bad. I also suggest to buy an extra battery as it sucks alot of juice. please email me if you are thinking about buying it. I live in prescott valley Arizona and am willing to drive as far as flagstaff or phoenix. this set up is pretty damn heavy so look forward to an expensive shipping cost. I wont rip you on s&h you pay actual shipping and ill even send the receipt so you can confirm thats what you paid
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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