I'm thinking about selling my 1998 Isuzu Trooper. I just want to gauge interest and see if people would actually be interested in purchasing it. I am not motivated to sell it right away and will wait for the right deal if I do decide to sell.

My only reason for selling is I have 2 vehicles and this is my road trip vehicle. I haven't had as much time or opportunity to use the Trooper as I would like and I'm not sure if it's wise to have a second vehicle I don't use often.

Nothing mechanically wrong with Trooper, besides the fact I have to make sure the oil levels are good. But that is typical for Troopers.

The Trooper is your standard stock model with my additions below:

rear ladder, roof rails for my roof top tent (might consider including the tent if interested), new full set of tires, spare wheel cover (option to add jerry can set up if wanted), 40% (legal) window tint, 2 amber auxiliary fog lamps on front, painted the trim gold, 2-inch lift from independent 4x4 (basic package).

I am the second owner. has just over 146k miles.
Will provide additional info and pictures as questions roll in or if someone has a serious inquiry to possibly purchase.
Will only sell locally to Washington and possibly Oregon/Idaho.