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I bought a 95 Rodeo and it needs some work. The stereo is out of it, so Im doin that.
The security light on the left side of the dash has a flashing red light, it also has on and off and a middle setting. No matter what I set it at its flashing all the time.
What up light?
Does it work of the remote entry button? (I have one coming)
Is it a factory alarm? Howzit work? (you guessed it, I dont have my manual yet either.)

Thanks all

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My 96 has a security light on the left of the dash where the guages are (under the plastic over the guages). If it is under there, it is probably factory. Also, with my 96, the alarm information is a whole other manual. There is not any info in the regular owner's manual.

Different "blinks" mean different things. Here is the short version of my manual.

Additional/Replacement Remote Controls-the system can recognize up to four remotes. If lost or stolen, can be replaced through your dealer. Your security system has the ability to learn and remember new remote control modes. However, during the learning process, it is possible to erase a previously learned code. When a new remote is added we recommend that you bring all the old remotes that you have so they can be programmed at the same time.

Status Monitor Functions-located in the dash and displays a visual warning that they vehicle has a security system. The red light (L.E.D.) displays the system status and the switch allows the selection of three different operating modes.

ALARM ON-system can by armed by remote control or automatically;impact sensor is on

IMPACT OFF-as above only impact sensor is off

ALARM OFF-system will not arm impact sensor if off, panic feature, PDL and dome light convenience will continue to operate.


groups of two flashes-indicates a door was opened
three flashes-hood or hatch was opened
four flashes-impact sensor was tripped
five flashes-system has been tampered with electronically
six flashes-vehicle suffered a significant impact
seven flashes-status monitor was tampered with
eight flashes-ignition was tampered with

Pressing LOCK on the remote arms it-you will hear a single chirp, parking lights will flash and door will lock If you attempt to do this with a door or hatch open a flat tone will sound.
IMPORTANT-if the system is armed with the remote, the alarm will sound instantly if a door is opened. It can ONLY be disarmed with the remote (I learned that quick!) Anytime the alarm is sounding it can be stopped by pressing any remote button.

They can also arm themselves automatically but I have never had mine do that. If you need more info (hopefully this gave you some guidance) and can't find an owner's manual, I would be happy to have mine scanned and send it to you. (my SIL will send it-my wonderful Dell rejects everything I seem to install on it)
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