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Well today was the hottest day of the year. And we had a stannd at a car show in Stirling Scotland UK. I was parked up to so shiney fronteras i was the only offroader and non shiney. It was a good day some people grumbled at mine been dirty other said thats how they should be thre was not point me washing and polishing mine it is what it is. Each one had its one owners character. The cars on display on the other stands were great. And in the shadow of wallace monument way up on the hill.
Well the frontera owners stand was a nicley organised stand. We had two gazebo and tables and barbques plenty of seats. I caught up with some old friends and met some new members and one waste of space. It was a cracking show loads of cars loads of sun . Mine is the green dirty one with the pods on the bonnet

Ignore this man he just wander into the shot

This was when i first arrived i took these . i only took about a 100 photos most of them are of the cars an there was alot to choose from i am stuck between a granda coupe with lambo doors cosworth engine and orange paint job or the pontiac trans am.
Lightning mcqueen was even there i didnt know he was a ford probe

This next lot are of hotrods that were driving into the grounds . i had fancied blagging an engine out one for my sport

The random classics.
i just snapped as i walked along of classics i liked

The guy that owned this was impossible to get a conversation with , i asked about his car and he just shrugged an one word answer

This was an odd one it was vw flat bed i think with a caravan bolted or welded maybe both to the chassi

poor alfie had his bowl out and not person gave him a penny

Wouldnt this be nice addition to a car collection

Lighting Mcqueen again

A bling cortina

Even Harry potter and co were there seem his magic cant fix this break down

Harry cast a coma spell on this man

well it was good day . Im glad i went
This is the last photos where we had our group shot and they were taking buy Dot my wife as seen in the white GTE picture

My last pictures as they were leaving
i wanted to take this home

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