I have a unique tent that was manufactured in the 90's to enclose the hatch of a 1st gen Rodeo. I will have to get pics when I get home, but it is cool and unique and made of quality material. These were manufactured by an actual company here in Salt Lake City out of heavy nylon. The quality is very good and the material is a durable nylon.

It wraps over the glass hatch and has elastic that holds it against the body and then wraps under the tailgate. There are plastic clips that lock over the hydraulics to keep it up. It is a zippered opening out the back so you can sleep inside the vehicle. The tent has a screen just like you'd find on a normal tent. The material is gray with white on top (to allow light to get through the hatch)

Found this online, which I think was the company that made them.

Here's a pic from their site that shows how it works.

Tire Wheel Car Mountain Vehicle

$100 shipped to lower 48