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Ok folks i have 3 kits put together with instructions. I would order to your specs as far as costs go.

kit includes
36lb injectors
6 connectors
4 Crush washers

1st kit
newest Model Injector(same specs just the newer model)

2nd kit(limited quantity)
new injectors(next to the latest style Still new)

3rd kit
remanufactured Injectors, new basket filters, gaskets and flow checked)
300.00 give or take(i found remans cheaper at differnt times.)

you could knock off another 50.00 bucks and get used ones that arent reman'd. I highly recommend not doing that. So if you go that route you take the risk of them not working right. Again i don't advise that option.

And if i can get the injectors cheaper depending whats on sale when you order i pass the savings directly to you!

I have tested 1st kit on my truck and all is more than good. :twisted:

On a stock vehicle if you want to do these you will have to figure out how to mount your fuel rails and plan on high flow Cold Air Intake, a less restrictive Exhaust and a JET ECU CHIP. Otherwise don't waste you time and money just trying to put these injectors on a stock motor. Ypur current set up will be more than adequate. I don't remember what the stock rails looked like. This kit and directions is geared to the Supercharged guys. But i could probably help you out with some ideas to convert.

Please PM me if youre interested and pass the info along to anyone that might want this upgrade. Thanks for any leads guys. I'm currently out of a job trying to make ends meet.
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