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Circuit Description
The Gravity (G) sensor is a vertical low-g (gravity) acceleration sensor. By sensing vertical acceleration caused by bumps or potholes in the road, the powertrain control module (PCM) can determine if the changes in crank- shaft speed are due to engine misfire or are driveline induced. If the G sensor detects a rough road condition, the PCM misfire detection diagnostic will be de-activated. The G sensor at rest output should be between 2.35 - 2.65 volts (+1G). During a rough road conditio, the voltage output can vary between 0.5 volt (-1G) and 4.5 volts (+3G).

Conditions for Setting the DTC

Engine running.
No vehicle speed.
G sensor signal indicates greater than 2.5 volts (+1G) or less than 1.5 volts (0G) for one minute.
Vehicle speed is between 30 mph and 80 mph (50 km/h and 132 km/h).
G sensor signal changes more than .0002 volts each tenth of a second (changing faster than physically possible).

Not sure where it's located on a Trooper, but the replacement procedure seems like it would take about 5 minutes.
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