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Rough road G-sensor

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Sounds like looking for the G-spot on my Troop. Anyway...finally found a description of this code "P1391" which is referring to a "rough road G-sensor". Anyone know what the heck that is? And where? Since it is affecting my Check Engine light I would assume (there's that word) that it is associated with the vacuum system and the brake system in some way.
Or maybe it is my Troop's way of telling me to get out on some rough roads...

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First...where is the Rough Road G-Sensor? or is it a part of the PCM? Is it possible that an O2 sensor with a longer preheating time (in this case the Bosch OEM with a >15 second preheat time) could be causing this error code? I recently installed 2 of these in the aft-catalytic positions...but they have been (and still seem to be) working just fine. I have had increased performance and better gas mileage (~15-17 mpg city). It has only been after 4 weeks that I am now getting these error codes: P1391 X 2

I understand the Bosch Universal type has a shorter preheat time (<5 sec)...would these work better?

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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