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Front 24.6 mm / Rear 16.6. mm

It's not easy to find the answers in the forums either. It took me a lot of looking to find a post with both front and rear specs.

From another discussion in Drivetrain Problems.
Wow it's like pulling teeth!!!

Not a single dealer I called knew what the figure was. How ironic as they were the very same STEALERS that told me my rotors were in need of replacement about 100K miles ago.

I finally managed to get the figure from a dude at a parts store that took the time to look the figure up.

24.6 mm Front Rotor Thickness

Just to try and make sure that he was getting accurate figures I asked him to get the number for the rear as well. He told me 16.6 mm and that just happens to be what is stamped on the rears.

Now off to measure these things! Smile
'99 Honda Passport"

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