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Rodeo half shafts

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Have a 96 rodeo 4x4 with all of the front cv joint boots torn.
Does anyone know where I can get rebuilt half shafts? Autozone,Pep Boys,Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, Carquest, Ect,Ect??
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Sorry, man, you are out of luck.
No one carries those damn things for our trucks ('96-'97).

The only place you can get them new is the dealer.

Check you'r local junk yards & if you can't find them try
I got mine used from there in pretty good shape , but since i'm lifted tooooo much & running without swaybar i tore the boots again.
St. Charles guy (Merlin) is a Isuzu dealer, who gives discounts to members (he's a realy cool guy).
But even with the discount CV's cost around $220 a peace.
Mike be ware. It is either a pre '96 shaft or a shaft from a '96 Trooper.
Autoparts stores (Autozone, PepBoys, Napa ) have same part # for both '96 Rodeo & '96 Trooper, but the shaft from the Trooper is 1.5" longer (beleave me i've searched, ordered & returned shafts from every single parts store on the east coast). And everytime i was either from a '96 Trooper or '95 Rodeo (which is also different from ours).

I wish you every bit of luck on this earth so that you can buy it from there.
If you do please, please, please post the Store that you bought it from & the part #, so that in the future it would be easyer for the rest to find it (i personaly am gonna continue to by used shaft for cheap untill i will get custom once made).
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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