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Revo 3:1 install, the saga continues.

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I'm so damn close. I got everything in on my '93 Trooper 5spd transfer case. Before putting the rear case w/rear output gear on, all three shafts were turning as they should in all gears (2H-4H-4L). But when I put the rear case cover on, and it fit well without forcing, the rear output shaft is locked up accept for in 4L. I don't get it. 4H front and rear output shafts are locked up. 2H the rear output shaft is locked up, and the front is disengaged. 4L the front and rear turn together.

I took the rear output shaft out of the rear case half and set it on the gearset with the rear case half removed. Same thing. It seems to lock up as soon as that rear output shaft gear comes into play (the one that interfaces the smaller/high gear on the counter shaft).

I double checked and the kit I got form Indy4x is the correct one for my year. However, this transmission does look to be rebuilt. Perhaps the output shaft gear is a different tooth count than would otherwise be in a 93, and compatible with this kit? It is acting like there is an extra tooth or something, binding up once that get is in place.

Does anyone have a breakdown of transfer case tooth counts by year so I can check of what I have is compatible with the 3:1 kit I'm trying to jam in there. I am so close. But I am also ready to smash it all with a hammer. Also I'm on some good drugs after a little dental work. It may be something simple I just can't wrap my foggy brain around at the moment.

Can post pics if it will help.
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Do you have the owner's manual? If so, does it list your low-range gear as 2.28:1 or 2:1?
Do you have the owner's manual? If so, does it list your low-range gear as 2.28:1 or 2:1?
I’ve got the widely shared pdf for a 95. That and this forum is all I’m working off of. Mine is a 93.
The 95 manual lists low at 2.283.
Solved it. There were a few things I ****ed up. At first I thought I had the high-low hub on upside down. But really that part would be nearly impossible to put on upside down. Or at least or would have issues getting all the parts in if I did do that. The upside down part was the high-low sleeve. They don't mention this in the instructions, but if you look at the diagram there is instruction on which side the grooved end should face. Easy to miss as everything fits into place with this installed incorrectly. I've worked on cars all my life, but this is my first time tinkering with the internals of a manual trans/transfer case.

Having this upside down somehow lead my low gear synchro to jam onto the low gear so it would no longer slip. It was fine if in low, but in high it was engaging both high and low, so not moving at all including in 2 high. I put it all back together the right way and all is good. I feel like a pro at getting those snap rings in. No zip ties, I just have a good set of snap ring pliers.

Trans is off to the pressure washer at my buddy's work. Pulling the motor soon to swap in my rebuilt long block. Got a lot of **** still to do.
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