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I just bought a 1998 rodeo,
The door remote control was not working, i tought it was only the batteries. Replaced them, did not work, I tryed to reprogram it using a procedure I found on the web. After I did it 632 times, I gave up and went to the nearest dealer. He screwed up, went to the second nearest dealer, he got it...
It has been working for 3 days but:
Press unlock once, it did unlock all doors,
pressed again: dead
could not do anything with it anymore.

Has anybody ever seen something like it?
I know the procedure I got on the web is different than the one the dealer has, but I don't think they will let me see it since they like to charge 15$ to do the job!!! Is there anybody here how could have access to the real one? I found another one on the web today but it is still diferent to what the dealer had.

Where is the control module? is there a battery inside it so it would not loose its internal memory, maybe that battery is dead?

Should I just give up and buy the remote starter at 60$ that include a door lock?

That is the only thing that doesnot work with this truck.

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Maybe the problem is the remote. Who knows what the previous owner dunked it in. I would try to pick up another remote first. I got one for my '01 Trooper on ebay for $10, used the reprogram info found on the web, and all is well.

Good Luck!
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