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Remember when Isuzu made cool commercials?

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I don't mean Joe Isuzu, but the early 90s. These commericals Isuzu have right now don't inspire, don't provoke the masses to recogonize. I remember in the early 90s Isuzu did some really well ads for the Rodeo. One in particular, a little kid playing with his toy car in the mud then his mother scolds him for getting dirty. Scene then switched to 30 years into the future with the kid now an adult ripping through the forest in his Rodeo covered with mud. :) Now that's a ****ing commerical. It seems Isuzu isn't even trying anymore in America with commercials or it's truck line up.
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Isuzu did have some cool *** commercials..... ever see the one where the Vehicross is speeding through the desert with its blinker on, and then passes up one of those super fast sound barrier breaking cars? Was kinda cool.... They have quit making many commercials because of their relationship with GM. It's somewhere in their automotive relationship that Isuzu is limited or hindered from doing the kind of advertising they could be doing. Also, their new ads are aimed at bringing new buyers to the dealers, focusing on value and smarts. They are just doing that to try and return to profitablity with their SUV's, u'll probably see better ads a little down the road when they get their heads above water and introduce their new 7-seater in late 2004..... based off the new 2004 Chevy Colorado/ GMC Canyon pickup platform.
Well, that's some interesting insite there. :)

I had no idea GM interfered with Isuzu's advertising. But yes, the GM Isuzu relationship has been a rocky one.

But hopefully these newer ads will hit the buyers Isuzu needs to make a profit. It's sad it's come down to value ads. It's interesting to see how far companies like KIA and Hyundai have moved away from value ads to brand name ads, and watching a company like Isuzu move away from brand ads to value.

But to answer your question, I don't think I saw that one. Sounds pretty cool though. :)
We actually have some of Isuzu's old ads, including the VX desert racer ad.

Hahahahaha. That was badass. Thank you man.
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