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It's been a tough month with the Rodeo.

I have a clunk coming out of the drivetrain or rear end i think???
I've replaced the center bearing (1.5 years ago) on the drive shaft, and all the U-joints this spring and its running great.

Under acceleration it has no clunk in the back end, but when i let off on the gas pedal it has a clunk that is constant similar to a bearing going bad.
It does it most of the time now. There is no metal filing on the magnet in rear diff plug and fluid has been changed last week.

If i push in the clutch (neutral) while coasting it still has this constant clunk clunk clunk clunk and it will keep doing it with no load on the drivetrain at 40+kms.

Im good with mechanical stuff and enjoy working on the Rodeo but wondering what it may be?

i shake the driveshaft and its solid but a bit of movement in center bearing but i believe that is normal, and there is a bit of play in the rear end. When i twist it, it has a similar clunk, i think in the rear diff?
It is a limited slip 44Dana with 4.30 gearing.

Im wondering if i should have a shop look at it cause i'm suspecting carrier bearing or rear wheel bearing?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.....
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