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Howdy folks. Is the noise high or low in the motor? If it's high up your probably have a top end problem, which can cause, but generally is not related to pre-detonation. I think what 2eyefishclaw is referring to is the fact that the knock sensor will send a signal to the ECM telling it to retard the timing, hence your overall loss of power feel. However, with only 34K miles on the motor, I highly doubt you have a pre-detonation problem. Also, octane refers to a gasolines ability to burn evenly. Higher octane gasoline actually burns slower and more evenly. The kind of burn you want is like a grass fire, not an explosion. This is why your dealer tech probably recommended a higher octane gas. I don't think a higher octane gas would hurt your vehicle, but I also don't think it would help your vehicle either. Basically, you don't have to put any higher octane gasoline in your vehicle than what it was designed for. I would definately take advantage of any factory approved ECM reprogamming. Although I would think your dealer would do this for free or next to free, especially if there is a TSB on the subject. Don't let them rake you for $500 bucks to make a few programming changes.

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