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Howdy. I wouldn't suggest putting on a used part. Not that I'm against used parts, but AC is a system you really want to go with new parts. I'm guessing your mechanic is not giving the used AC compressor a warranty. If he charges you for labor again and again, you can easily end up paying out a lot of $.

The work here is easy, but you do need some specialized tools and training. In any case, yes replace the receiver/dryer. Particularly if you have a contamination problem. Also, have your mechanic run an A/C flush through the system to make sure all contaminants are out of there. If you just put a new compressor onto a contaminated system, you will ruin the compressor. Also, keep in mind A/C systems are very sensitive to compatibility issues. That is, you must run the proper compressor for it's designed system, the right refridgerant, oil, seals, etc.

Tads on the money with the bearing/clutch issues. I'll add though, even if these components are replaceable, many general repair shops will want to replace the entire unit. Sad. Your best bet might be a specialized AC shop.

If you have the skills and tools you can re-wind alternators, generators, rebuild starters, etc. Today though, it mostly comes down to time. It's far easier for a tech to replace the units than fuss around with repairing them. How about livng w/o your AC? I used to live in VA, and never used the damn stuff. Of course, AC gives me a headache. My 2 cents.

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