Wanted (ever since i was a little kid) a set of OEM light silver “Isuzu Trooper II” decals (not emblems) for my 86 2 door trooper.
Will consider reproductions if Quality and authenticity is VG.
After all these years and a shop full of spares
my lovely wife has offered to pay to have the old “86T” repainted it’s original Factory color.
going to cost more than the old 86T is worth but of course that’s not the point.
I live in Northern California, any recommendations for a great paint shop would be appreciated.
So i’m going to have to replace the quarter panel decals.
If someone wants to trade i’m up for that as well. I have every carb piece X 10 + all sorts of
(Not sure why) 87 fuel injection parts+ 100’s
Of other things 86T related,
Happy to pay good money for the decal set.
Drop me a line at [email protected]