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Q: unusual 'whining' sound 2000 Rodeo

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After doing some 'lite' offroading noticed an unusual sound form underneath the vehicle, almost like a hissing sound like an aircraft or something.

Under the hood, the engine sounds normal .... seems to originate from the middle of the vehicle , ie noticable when opening the driver door.

position of the transmission doesnt seem to affect, or reving the engine, stops immed. after turning off vehicle.

no visible leaks , or change in drivability...

The undercarriage didnt seem to drag or anything during the offroading, and at the most might have been a small branch...

Any ideas what it could be ?
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Hello. No offense, but your message might be a little too general. Is this a hissing noise or a whinning noise? Some things to check to start off: squeaky belts (particularly if your motor got wet), vacuum leaks, foreign object caught up in moving parts. Once I found a very small stick caught up in an electric fan that created a horrible noise. If you did only light wheelin' it's probably something easy. Good luck.

check the guard on the bottom of the tranny bell housing maybe it is bent and flywheel is rubbing on it it is held on by 4: bolts 10mm head it ccan easily be removed and straightened
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