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driver window got stuck in open position( its raining here for a last 2 days!)
any way to temporary raised it up?
all others windows w/ exception of one work w/ local switches so it is not a circuit breaker and I hear a click wchich I interpret as a contactor working?. any ideas will be appreciated, is it hard job to replace a motor? is any other fuse associated w/ just this one widow? how to get acess to the motor? Please let me know if any of you done the job. Thanks in advance. :roll:
Follow up had to experiment myself. reversed leads to the motor and window went up- thats all to it, maybe it will help somebody out there avoid the hassle I went through. Replacing switch assembly is snap too, just pry cover up and pull assembly up. Seems to me that DC current reversing switches in the assembly are of poor quality (3 out of 4 are bad in my case) and truck has only 30,000 miles. Anyhow maybe it will help somebody out there.
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