Hey all!

I got some white vinyl transfer stickers made for the Planet if you want to rep the forums. One with the full text, one with just the "PI" shorthand logo. They're about 6x2" and 3x2" respectively.

I'm just selling these at cost, so $3 for two stickers (one of each), to cover printing and a stamp. I have about 20 of each.

If you want some, comment here, PM me, and message me your best mailing address. If you want more than just one of each just let me know. Happy to take PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, whatever works.

If you haven't applied a transfer decal before, they take slightly more care than a normal sticker. You need to peel the backing off, making sure each section of the decal (in this case, the letters) stay stuck to the clear front "transfer" paper. It can be tedious with small sections. Then apply the sticker, use a soft towel or your fingers to press each letter into place, then peel off the clear transfer tape, leaving just the decal.

Road surface Asphalt Grey Font Rectangle
Sky Building Tower Motor vehicle Tints and shades