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One of my first threads on this site was about how my remote wasn't unlocking all my doors when I pushed the unlock button twice, and I took the advice of everyone who had any, and I have yet to solve the problem. Fast forward to today...

I was loading the truck up to go to the park with my wife and our dog, and I unlocked the passenger side door first with my key so she could get in. I needed the other doors and the rear unlocked, so I asked her to push the passenger side unlock button......nothing......We can lock the doors from that button, but we can't unlock anything from that button. Could that also affect my remote from not unlocking all the doors? I checked the wiring at the button only, and everything seemed ok, but I'm going to take a closer look tomorrow. Has anyone had this issue before?

Now I do have another issue, but this time it's the rear hatch door lock...I can put my key in to it but it won't turn. I have to unlock it by pushing the drivers side unlock button, and then I'm able to push the lock in and open the rear window. So has anyone had this weird issue at all?

Thanks guys!
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