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I'll start off saying that this in not their fault, but the warehouse that ships Mevotech parts. Yea yea yea I went with that brand rather than Moog. I ordered a few things from them: upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, and some bushings. Well I received the lower ball joints and they were not identical. I figured it was a put in the wrong box. I contacted customer service and told them about it. They were very understanding and told me that they will contact the warehouse about the lower joint. Now at this time I realized I was missing a inner tie rod I contacted them about that to. I waited a week for the new and right lower joint. It never showed up, I contacted once again and they said the warehouse admitted they didn't ship it. Today I finally received the lower joint...guess what? This joint is the correct one and they other two are not. So I have three mismatched joints. With some research, the one I thought was right wasn't and the one I received today is the correct product that I should have received two weeks ago. I also should have gotten a return slip so I didn't have to pay for shipping to switch out one of the wrong ones but that wasn't included like they said. Well they suggested that I just return all three. I agreed that would be best (and buy from Rock Auto, like I should have in the beginning). Now I have to pay shipping for all three to go back! Then another possible 30 days wait for a refund.

Should I tell partsgeek that I don't want to pay shipping for all 3? In the email I was sent it only says Qty:2, but they told me to send 3 back.

This whole deal has set me back a few weeks on getting my troop back together.
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