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I have a couple of motors that can be parted.

Three, actually, but I was thinking I'd like to get the old 83 s10 blazer running again.

One motor is on the stand. This motor was running, when I removed it. It was getting 21 MPG in an 83 s15 jimmy.

The second motor is in an 84 s15 jimmy.

I am going to scrap this vehicle. So any parts that you may want off the motor, or the motor itself, or parts from the vehicle, even, are negotiable.

The third, of course is in the 83 s10 blazer that I'd like to get running. But am willing to part, or to sell whole as a parts vehicle.

Any of these motors will directly swap for the 2.8 v6 in any isuzu.

They are all three carbed. No fuel injection. But you can swap over the intakes, or whatever.

If you want a whole engine and want to swap it in, as-is, I can include the ecm from one of the two complete vehicles.

You'll either have to pick it up yourself, or really make it worth my while, to palletize one, and take to a shipper.

The only other option would be to meet me at the swap meet and greet that we are trying to get organized.

Prices negotiable. PM me and tell me what you want, and how much you are wanting to pay, and I'll decide if it is worth it to me, or not. From there, we may negotiate.

The two complete vehicles are 4x4. Both automatics. I have no idea what the compatibility is with Isuzus when it comes to the trans and/or transfer case.

Thank you.

:D :D :D
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