Hi All--
I have a 1986 Trooper Turbodiesel that ate a rod bearing, I wanted to rebuild, but then discovered frame rust that I didn't think I could come back from (of course, after the engine was all apart)... I tried selling it all-as-one (on viewtopic.php?f=2&t=126759&p=268614#p268614) but didn't get any takers, so I'm now going to part it out, to get as many pieces into the right hands before the rusty parts go to the scrapper. As of now I have all of the parts available, and am willing to deal locally or help figure out shipping. Lots of photos of the clean rig on https://www.planetisuzoo.com/threads/19 ... st-5508639.

  • 1986 Turbodiesel trooper, 2-door, split bench seat in back.
  • Engine and transmission removed, engine disassembled.
  • Crankshaft professionally restored to original bearing specs
  • New connecting rod to replace the worn one (from what I understand they are 2nd generation rods)
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • injector pump rebuilt with viton seals (biodiesel ready)
  • Injectors recently professionally refurbished
  • AC compressor and bracket, but the rest of the AC system was removed.

Let me know what parts you need, feel free to make an offer. My main motivation is to get as many of these parts back on the road as possible.