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*Located near Saint Paul, MN*

Well I am not happy it has come to this, but I just dont have the time or a place anymore to finish my frame-up rebuild of my trooper. I am in school and its the most important thing right now, need to buy a vehicle asap and the family is helping me with that in return for getting rid of my troop thats in the way + my stockpiles of parts. I started in 2004 with 2 trucks given to me: a 1991 original minnesota trooper, totaled, and a 1990 from virginia with a perfect body, blown motor. At the time I did not how to do an engine swap - I was just learning how to change oil - so I swapped the good body onto a rusty frame. Drove it for 3 years, absolutely loved it, but I knew the time would come when I would have to rebuild her again. Life happened, lost my job and house, it sat for a long time, started working on it last year, but just havent had the money to finish it.

At this point in time it needs to go from where keep it, I would have liked to take my time with this and do it right. So I am reaching out to the community because, not only do I need the money but I would hate to see this chassis go to the scrapyard. I am going to list what I have in a low amount of detail, probably be editing along the way, I am having a hard enough time dealing with the situation so its kinda making my head spin. I dont have prices in mind for everything yet so please ask about anything/make an offer. The good news is when school is done and I am working again I will just regroup, buy a nice trooper from down south, its NOT over!

So first thing, I have a really nice frame with the body sitting on it, it is not *mint* but I would consider it mint for minnesota. 95% of the original paint on it, some surface rust here and there. The body is spectra red with damage on the rear passenger door/c pillar, damage to the drivers side fender, and some rot at the rear around/above the rain gutter. Besides that its in good shape, some other small dents and dings (family members with anger issues, no joke). If somebody within driving distance wants a frame I would really love to see it put to use, would be perfect for a resto or SAS project.

Aisins - sold the complete pair, have parts to build one other complete hub and one that needs a few parts (that I think you could get off a toyota).

Headlights - have 2 good sets, 30+ship for one or 55+ship for a pair
Signals - have a bunch, $10+ship
Tails - have a few, $20 each
Doors - drivers side are both good, passenger front has a small dent, passenger rear is wrecked - make an offer
Glass - have a decent sized collection, ask about what you need

Yes, I have some good door hinges I think!

2.8 engine - came out of a parts truck that I drove around for awhile, been sitting for 3 years, ran smooth and strong when I drove it
Rodeo clutch and flywheel - about 15k on them

mau5 from a 92 rodeo - I was going to use this for now, had some 2nd gear bearing noise when I had the rodeo, never seemed to get worse, on that note I have a couple 2.8 front case halfs if anybody needs one.

Wiring harnesses - have two, complete
interior stuff
extra tbi setups
gas tanks

pretty much anything... just ask!

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i actually need the plastic pieces that hold the sun visor, the ones right next to the rear view mirror do you have them? and also what color?
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