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Parking like an a**hat?

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Leave it to the Isuzu(and maybe a sedan too) to make your day suck. ... hat-parker
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Serves him right! I find that hilarious.
Gawd, I hate people that can't be bothered to park properly. One of my biggest pest peeves. Some jerk at the school where my son plays soccer decided he couldn't be bothered to park between the lines. Parking was already scarce and this moron takes two spaces. I wanted to do bad things to his car.
I was REALLY close to getting out the tow strap for one douchebag parker. Parked in the middle of 4 spots and wasnt even out in distant spots, they were fairly close to the door. Worst part was, it was just a stock corolla a couple years old.
a BMW driver decided to take up two lanes of space at the local watering hole "so that his car doesn't get dinged". is probably a good thing i didn't have any cinder blocks or a cordless impact wrench.
We had an ******* park in our designated driver that came to pick us up once in Harrisburg, PA... guess the guy didn't realize that 4 guys after a night of drinking could get beer muscles and car fenders make good handles to get one side of a car off it's suspension enough to skid it back into the middle of the Lot....

We got it 3 feet back enough to get our car out.. but it ended up getting in the way of 3 other cars....
:lol: :lol:

We got home... there's no doubt it got towed though the way we left that car :lol:
just the other day I went to the to bank, and in one parking row I counted 5 vehicles taking up 2 spots. I parked down the street, worried that since they clearly can't park correctly, they also probably can't back up correctly, the type of people that are like huh, what are side mirrors for?
I enjoy the people that park just enough over the line that you can't open a door.... I back in and turn the steering wheel so that the tire sits behind the [email protected] that way they can't leave. :twisted:
DASZU said:
just the other day I went to the to bank, and in one parking row I counted 5 vehicles taking up 2 spots. I parked down the street, worried that since they clearly can't park correctly, they also probably can't back up correctly, the type of people that are like huh, what are side mirrors for?
Must have been gocarts to get 5 of them in 2 spots :wink: :roll:
Hate idiot parkers? Do what this attorney did. :lol:,0,1754456.story

I dont have enough space in this forum for my rant on parking idiots and door dings.

But I live in a apartment. We're designated one reserved spot...
One day I come home at 10am to find this 2011 Jeep Laredo in MY reserved slot.
So I block it in. About 10 minutes later the driver starts honking. So I walk out ever so slowy and count the 30 steps it takes to get me to the ground floor.
I confront the driver, a female with a ghetto attitude. I just said, this is my reserved spot, please dont park here again.
She yells, WELL YOU DIDNT have to block me in, there are many open spots available.
In my head I was like, exactly.... you didnt have to take my spot.
She yells at me, I WAS JUST DROPPING some medicine for my son. I was only going to be here for a quick second.
I told her theres no need to yell, just dont park here next time.
She starts swearing at me so I slowly move my car out of the way.

She saved a whole 5 seconds parking in my spot, cause I found out her spot is just 3 cars down from mine. :roll:
If she could have just apoligized and it would have been all good.
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Also be careful of people that cant reverse park for crap.
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If somebody parks that close to me while I'm inside a store I just open my door as if the car were not even there. DING!!
Whew, glad the mitsubishi wasn't hurt.
Dae said:
Also be careful of people that cant reverse park for crap.
It scares me people like that are on the road.
When I lived in San Diego, I used to HATE the people that had reserved parking spots but would take the non-reserved spots that were just a few feet closer and leave nothing for me. We would have 50 empty reserved spots that people were afraid to park in so you'd have to park on the street and walk back up the hill. It was retarded. When i had my F350 dually I was driving around the Rubio's (mexican style restaurant) parking lot and noticed 6 different vehicles parked in multiple spots and crooked blocking some spots. I managed to fit my dually between 2 cars, perfectly between the lines on the first shot, walked into the restaurant talking very loudly about how retarded it is that I have no problem parking my dually correctly but the driver of a Corolla and an Avalanche (hoping that tehse drivers would hear me) can't fit in one damn spot.
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matthew13 said:
If somebody parks that close to me while I'm inside a store I just open my door as if the car were not even there. DING!!
I don't like to give back bad for bad, as a rule.

But one time in my life, I did the same.

Came out of the store, headed for the truck.

Watched an old codger parking his truck right next to mine. I stopped, to let him get parked and out of the truck, while I was still several spaces away. Didn't want to take a chance that he'd hit me while parking.

Took his time, but still ended up very close to my truck. Would have taken him an extra few seconds to back out again, and run his truck back into the center of his spot.

The real kicker is that there was nothing on the other side of him. He could have parked completely over the line on the other side. He was just too frikken lazy to think about what he was doing, and/or too frikken lazy to fix what he knew was wrong.

I'm pretty sure he knew it was wrong, because while walking away from it, he looked back at how he had parked, hesitated, then just headed right on into the store.

He parked so close to my truck that I had to get in on the passenger side.

Once in, I opened my door, and slammed pretty hard into his truck.

Left a ding. But not as much of a ding as I'd hoped for. LOL



A different kind of parking story...

Went to the grocery store.

Not many spaces near the door, so I headed to the back of the lot and parked.

As I was nearing the store, this jerk in an expensive sports car races into the parking lot so fast, he almost ran me over. I literally had to jump out of the way.

He saw me. And he didn't even try to apologize or anything, when he got out of the car.

He parked crooked in the handicapped space, next to the door. No handicap sticker. No handicap plates. No handicap placard. And no problem getting out of the tiny sports car real fast, and making it into the store really quick..

I continued my regular slow pace into the store. Figuring the guy was in such a hurry, I'd probably see him already at the checkout by the time I got in there.

When I got inside, he was still near the front of the store. In the produce section. Basket in hand, and slowly strolling along, checking out the veggies and fruit.

I caught up with him, with me on one side of the short produce aisle, and him on the other.

There were others standing around, as well.

I caught his attention. He gave me a fairly civil, but impatient kind of look.

I asked him if he was retarded.

All civility went away instantly. But he was shocked, and couldn't give me any other answer than "No".

I said, "Well, I just wondered. You parked in the handicapped space. You ran in here. You don't seem to have any other handicaps. So I assumed you must be retarded."

A young couple immediately applauded, and then others joined in. LOL

He sat the basket down, and left the building...


You'd have to know me pretty well to know that not only did I actually SAY/DO exactly what I describe... But also that it is extremely unusual for me to do so. LOL

It was all I could do, not to walk out of the building at that point, myself, from sheer embarrassment.

What's it take to walk across most parking lots, anyway ?

I am disabled. Enough so, that I could get a handicapped parking sticker, placard, or even plates.

I don't want them.

Most of the time, I am just fine.

Sometimes I am in enough pain that it is very difficult to even walk.

I usually just look for the nearest shopping cart, and use that to sort of lean on, for the complete trip through the store and back to the truck. Doing so, keeps the pain from getting worse, at least.

Way I look at it, I can cope. There are people out there who simply can't. They are in a wheelchair. Or they are simply worse off, physically than I am.

They need that spot. I don't.

And some prefectly healthy jackass in a sportscar that costs more than I'll make in ten years, sure as hell doesn't !
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Wow. I've never really had people park like that around me of course normally I'm driving my dads F350 four door level out 4x4 pick up with a huge brush gaurd. I guess it scares people.
Know what I find funny.. having worked around a parking lot that had handicapped spaces.

The handicapped spaces were in the middle of the parking lot, but not necissarily closer to the pool and the club house.. there are actually spaces closer that are not handicapped reserved.

The handicapped people go out of their way to park in the special blue space rather than take the closest empty space to where they are going to.. :lol:

Then there's the 3 open spaces all in a row, one being a handicapped spot.. you'd think the handicapped accessible person would take the spot next to the empty handicapped space so the next handicapped person could come along and have a 'reserved' spot in case the other spaces fill up. :lol:

Oh well... I don't care I guess. 5 pm is going to come and I'm going to go have a drink with a pretty lady or two.
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In Germany and possibly the UK (I saw it when I was there anyway) it is legal to drive atv's on the road. One night in a crowded parking lot there was no parks and a 4 wheeler taking up a spot. Me and a couple guys picked it up and moved in into a playground :twisted: . I also hate those assholes with tiny cars that take up 2 regular size car parks.
LOL. Went to the mall the other day. Guy in a Corvette had parked in two spaces, about 4 inches over the line or so. This is in the wayyyy back of the parking lot, and it's a Friday at like 5 PM. There's no other spots available. So I just parked right next to him, managing about half an inch from his car, still well within the line on the other side. Copied down his plate number and took a picture of the situation just in case I got any mysterious dents on my doors.

Fortunately, he had reversed in (I say "he" because I really feel few women are competent enough to reverse in a spot with a standard transmission) and his passenger side was the next to me, and I guess he had gone to the mall alone, so there were no dents left in my door.

Sometimes I'm tempted to bring out my keys and give them a flame job on the side of their cars, but I have them hanging on a caribeaner on my side, so if I have to squeeze that close to a vehicle, it'll probably key it anyways. I've never intentionally keyed anything before - I generally let my better judgment decide what to do. :wink:

^600th post, son. :headbang:
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