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lorenzo816 said:
So the story begins when I ordered a keychain Off eBay for my Scout which was made by International harvester When I received it, it looked freaking great. I'm talking wow.
So I reach out to the guy on eBay and strike up a conversation about trying to make a specific Isuzu badge. You know the one, yep.
So if you're not on the Facebook in the isuzu trader group.
then you may not have seen the interest poll. The guy said he needed to at least get 100 orders to make it worth it. I told him I had 40 people interested within two days and he went ahead and made it and sent me the first two.

The colors are not exact and of course the size is smaller and it's a little thinner than his normal keychains because it would be heavier if it was thicker.
I still think they are super dope and awesome to have.
Here's a pic of the first one he made.

Here's the eBay link: ... 3994618612

Hope you guys like them as much as I do.
He may make some more into magnets.
I'll post up if he does.
Thanks pretty awesome!
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