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Howdy. Welcome to the Forum. I see that 20+ people have looked at this but no one responded, so....

There should be a dipstick somewhere that gives a HI mark, a LOW mark and an area in between. The distance between the 2 marks represents 1 qt of oil. Just make sure you are on a level surface and if hot, give the engine a good 5 minutes so the oil can drain down in the pan. Best time to check is before you start after sitting overnight.

If you are changing your oil, first, if you can, make sure you try and fill the filter with as much oil as possible, also put some oil on the rubber seal on the filter. If you are filling it up, I would start with 4 quarts (including what you put in the filter), check the oil level, and adjust appropriately. Hopefully someone with the same engine will chime in here with the spec. Any and all manuals can be found at Helm Inc. Good luck

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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