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Oil gauge FAILURE

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A couple weeks ago I went to visit my friend at UNH.
Driving home on I95, I was cruising along at about 70 when I looked at my dash and saw that my oil pressure gauge was below 0. In a panic, I pulled over to the side of the road and added a quart I kept in the trunk.
Pulling away I noticed that the gauge didn't move one bit, not even under acceleration, which it should've at least a little bit. So i called my dad, who instructed me to pull over again, turn the engine off for a coupla minutes, and check the dipstick. Upon doing so, I discovered my baby did have all her oil!

SO what could be the reason for this gauge failure? It has not worked since, and I kinda want it back...Is this a somewhat simple fix? Or do I have to go back AGAIN to my mechanic and drop loads of money? If it's easy to moderate I can do it myself...

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The sender unit at the engine could have died, or the wire simply fallen off.
I'd check that first and also check for a broken wire.

Replacing the gauge with an aftermarket unit is as simple a job as there is. Just replace the sender, run the tubing, mount the gauge and its done.
I could replace it, but then i'd have dead gauge and the working one elsewhere, and that'd bother me :)
I'll have to check the wire n stuff
now i have to figure out where those are lol
u can get a better looking replacment aftermarket gauge and put it in the location of the stock broken gauge. thats what allot of guys do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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