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Hi, I am looking for .....
1. electical connectors for the dash mounted 4wd switch and hazard switch, with as much wire attached as is possible (4-5")
2. electical connector for the TOD computer under the passenger seat, with 4-5" of wire attached.
3. grab handles on passenger side (front seat) let me know what color they are. I want to install these on the driver's side of my Troop.
4. the tray or pocket under the radio, if it has one.
5. engine compartment fuse box with 4-5" of wire attached, and all relays, etc.
6. radio, possibly what kind is it? need pic.
7. Your entire exhaust system, from manifolds back, if it's in good shape. pics.
8. power steering pump.
9. A/C compressor
10. maybe some other stuff
PM me.
Sorry about your engine seizing, sux big time. Could you post some pics of it? exterior, interior, underneath, engine comp, etc.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts