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Offenhauser intake manifolds

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Hello to everyone. I am a member on the LUV truck forums and am a distributor of the Offy intakes for the LUV trucks and I thought I would chime in here to let everyone know that I have intakes in stock for the Isuzu 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0 motors. Mainly these intakes are for the 1976 - 1980 LUV pickup, but they probably will work on other vehicles with these motors, mainly the early P'ups. The intakes I have are the #6204-CW for the Weber carb. I also may end up with a couple extra #6203-DPW dual port intakes. If anyone is interested, PM me and I will send you more details. Here is the link to the LUV truck forum thread that has all kinds of pictures of the intakes and tons of info.
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I still have plenty of intakes if anyone wants one. PM me for details.
Just wanted to mention that I still have the #6204-CW Offy intakes available. If anyone is interested please PM me for details.
Offenhauser intakes are still available. If anyone is interested let me know.
Still have Offy intakes available, send me a message for details.
I still have Offenhauser #6204-CW intakes available. Message me for price and info.
I still have a few intakes left, just thought I would let everyone here know. Message me for details if interested.
Have you tried putting these on ... cb72862a2f ? Probably more folks over there with the early engines in Pups. Looks like a sweet manifold. If they fit the 2.3/2.6 head you would probably sell some here. But not too many folks here with the real early stuff that I've seen posting.
Let me know sooooooon if it works for the 2.6....
I may be interested if so.
Well these intakes aren't really made for the 2.3 and 2.6, but anything is possible if you want to do some modification. For sure these will work for the early P'up motors. I did sell an intake to a guy 2 or 3 years ago who was going to put it on a 2.3. He was doing all kinds of mods to it and was supposed to send me some pictures, but I never heard back from him again. Everyone I have sold these intakes to over the last 4 years or so has never complained. It is a nice upgrade from the stock intake and performance is increased with little or no fuel economy lost, unless you get your foot into the gas pedal. Here is an old article from a magazine from the 70's which explains how you can gain an extra 25hp from the stock G series motors with the Weber carb, Offy intake, Pacesetter headers and electronic ignition upgrades. power

This article talks about the LUV trucks, but the early P'up had those motors so things should be similar. Offy describes these intakes to be made for the '76 through '80 LUV trucks, but of course it should work fine on any G series motors, except for the early LUV motors from '72 through '75, those were different. Offy did make intakes for those as well, but I haven't had much interest in those for the earlier stock motors. I don't think Offy made any intakes for the later 80's and 90's P'up trucks, but I can always check with them and if there was enough interest I certainly would consider ordering some. If anyone has any info on whether Offy made intakes for the 2.3 and 2.6 motors, let me know. I still have a few of the #6204 intakes left and I actually have a couple of the #6203-DPW dual port intakes which also are for the Weber 32/36. There were supposed to be people taking the dual port intakes I have, but I haven't heard back from them in months, so I will let them be up for grabs if there is any interest. Mainly the 4x4 owners wanted the dual port intakes because of the little extra low end they provide. If anyone wants to see pics of those you can find them in the Offy thread on the LUV truck forum which I posted in this thread a while back. You might have to go back 2 or 3 pages to see the pics.
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I need a good deal on a ford 300 inline 6 4-barrel intake ???
The only intakes I have are for the Isuzu 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0 G series motors.
Just wanted to let anyone know that might be interested, I have the Offy #6204-CW intakes back in stock. Send me a private message for details.
I still have plenty of Offenhauser intakes left. If anyone is interested send me a message.
Offy intakes are still available. Send me a private message for more info.
Do you have any #6204-CW intakes? I couldnt tell from the 5 times you mentioned it above...
Are you just kidding around or what? If you look at the dates I only post here once every 6 months or a year to bump up the post after it gets lost in old pages. I just like to let anyone know who may be interested since these are for the early Isuzu "G" series motors and some people like to upgrade from the stock junk. You can't get this model intake anywhere else unless you run across one that has been sitting around somewhere for many years. I still have intakes available for anyone who might be interested.
how much are you selling them for? i got the 1.9 G200 head and already have the weber carb, but would like to see what this little motor could do with a bigger intake manifold on it. :D

Let me know the price and shipping cost to zip: 77339. thanks much.
Sent a PM. I'm not sure the Offy is much bigger than the stock intake, but I do know it has better flow and performance. I haven't had any complaints yet in the last 5+ years of selling them. If anyone wants more info just let me know, or take a look over at the Offy thread on the LUV truck forum. I can also post some photos of the intake, but they can also be viewed on the LUV forum.
Do you still have any of these intakes available?
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