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OBD hacked up, have parts vehicle, trying to match up. 01 Rodeo 03 parts vehicle

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Cliffs at bottom
Hi all, I have an interesting issue. The 01 3.2 4x4 5pm Rodeo I bought has a hacked up obd and I can’t connect to it. (Of course the check engine light is on)
I have purchased an 03 Rodeo 3.2 4x4 auto parts truck and was hoping that the colors were the same, but no such luck.
I’m reaching for help on this one
The first picture is the 01 that I’m trying to fix
The second two are the parts vehicle, I have hooked up to it, all good there.
I still can’t add pictures.

Anyone with an 01 willing to post pictures of the wires and where they go into the port?
Greatly appreciated!
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The colors are the same! With the exception that you have one extra (the green coiled wire) Is your truck an automatic?
Also, I can’t completely tell if the black wires are both on the left side, fourth and fifth slot?
I wonder if it’s actually a ground. I have 8 clearly coming from a loom and there is a nearby cutoff wire bolted to the floor like it was an attempted ground.

The black/yellow is in slot 4 and grey in slot 5 on the right?

Those two black wires are the same with the silver ring on each? Mine are like that too, hard to believe Isuzu didn’t just make one solid.

You’ve given me a great start though, really appreciate it!
1 - 5 of 10 Posts