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OBD hacked up, have parts vehicle, trying to match up. 01 Rodeo 03 parts vehicle

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Hi all, I have an interesting issue. The 01 3.2 4x4 5pm Rodeo I bought has a hacked up obd and I can’t connect to it. (Of course the check engine light is on)
I have purchased an 03 Rodeo 3.2 4x4 auto parts truck and was hoping that the colors were the same, but no such luck.
I’m reaching for help on this one
The first picture is the 01 that I’m trying to fix
The second two are the parts vehicle, I have hooked up to it, all good there.
I still can’t add pictures.

Anyone with an 01 willing to post pictures of the wires and where they go into the port?
Greatly appreciated!
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I’ve got a 01 rodeo sport, I’ll take a picture later today, it should be similar.
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Picture is not the greatest, but that’s how mine is wired
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I’m a manual, v6 4x4. It very well may be an extra wire specifically for a rodeo sport. Mine is also the Ironman edition so it has a couple extras, like dual mode shocks.

You know I can’t quite tell from the picture either, I took it at a gas station. Tomorrow morning I’ll get a better flashlight and get a better look. I think they are.
Black yellow is 4, grey is 5.

I noticed that with the two black ones also, I wondered if mine was just weird.
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Better pictures, the black ones are #4 and #5 on the left. Black/yellow is #4 and grey is #5 on the right
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