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Noob Trooper

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Hello everyone! I am a noobie here. Please let me know what you think of the Trooper!

Nice forum!!! I can't wait to dig in!
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Nice Ride Dude!

Looks kinda like mine.... :wink:


Glad to have another Tarheel on the site, I'm only 30 min from you in Smithfield.

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Cool! My wife used to live in Smithfield...

(Sorry I didnt reply before... I went nuts looking for Trooper forums, and forgot about this one... Oops!!!)
I think that the truck looks awesome.

I saw another one once with the yellow interior:

Although he had done the grill as well:

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Looks pretty cool.

Not quite sure about the yellow, but hey, to each his own! :p
Dammit Man......... I told you that yellow crap had to go!!!!!!! :lol: :shock: :lol: :shock: :lol:
When the interior goes back in my gutted 86, my roomate/girlfriend wants to do all the black super bling ricer pink. HA! :roll:

Nice rig, love the first gens., my favorite Isuzu.
Nice troop, very clean! Those 33's look real good, but hey whats that? The tires are talking to me...whats that they say? Please please we need more room, fenders are too close to us, need more airrrrrrr...

Huh, I guess they want more lift dude :D

I've seen the pics of your troop quite a few times, and I like it. If you like the Yellow, more powwer to you. I see nothing wrong with being different, and I have spare trim panels for mine with which I'm going to experiment with some dark blue.

Keep wrenchin'...
What size wheels and tires are you running in that pic?
How do you like 33x12.50x15 ? Still have good power ? Do the tires rub ?
It realy looks good. Thanks for help
Hey muduck, where are you from/reside?

I've got 32's on mine, up from the stock 29" 235/75s and I can tell I definitely lost some power.

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So you had a big power drop ? I live in Vass N.C. Next to Fort Bragg.
Oh wow!

So, you didn't happen to at one time or currently work for Moore County EMS do you?

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No But went to EMT school 1990
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