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NO SPARK!!!!!!!

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I have power going to both my (new) ignition coil and my distributor but when i go to crank her over, i have a timing light hooked up to the spark plug wires and it reads no spark. I have tried this on all the wires including the coil wire. I have a 95 passport with a 2.6L 4ZE1. Should I have spark even if my distributor is off? Or does the distributor have to be relitively on for there to be spark?
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Is the distributor seated well enough to turn when the motor turns over?
Like neon says- The distributor cap HAS to be fully seated on the distributor mount so electrical contact can be made to each plug wire from the rotor. Do have the rotor installed atop the distributor shaft correctly?
Hello. Yes, definately check the dist. cap. Also, you installed a new coil? Have you checked to make sure the polarity on the coil is correct? If you have the little wires reversed you will get a weak spark or no spark because you are firing through the short winding in the coil.

I don't think this will apply to you but if there is a resistor in the ignition circuit make sure to check that the resistor is in good shape and not broken. These are usually found on older vehicles with ceramic type resistors.

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