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No Isuzu and feeling empty

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I had to get rid of the Amigo about a month ago. To small for the burgeoning family unfortuantelly. I went against my better judgement and bought an Explorer instead of a 3.5 DI Rodeo. Now I find myself missing the Amigo and wishing that I'd bought the Rodeo. I hope that many of you dont make the same mistake as me. Think hard before you get out of the Isuzu family.
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I am already worrying about my next vehicle. I don't want (so far) a newer Rodeo (I have a 96) cause they look smaller to me. I haven't driven one yet so I probably should not say I don't want but I am just so happy with mine. Hopefully it will last me a long time-there is nothing else out there that I want.
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