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Just found this site. Very nice.

I'm having a cold start problem with my 93 trooper (5 spd, 3.2 sohc, 115K miles).

Very hard start when cold, crank for 30 secs, no fire. crank another 30 sec, will hit but not start. Keep up cycle and it will eventually start and run poorly. If you touch throtle, it dies. restart and feather throttle and after about 20 secs will clear and run normally. All starts throughout the rest of the day are normal. No loss of power. Ambient temp here has been hovering in the teens in the AM. If vehicle sits more than 5 hours, hard start cycle repeats. Have changed fuel filter and plugs. Used Seafoam in fuel and through intake. I am getting an occasional strong cat (sulfer) smell. Have not checked alternator wiring, although it seems from other posts that that could be a culprit. Any other thoughts?

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